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Intellectual Property Services

Patentability Research 

The first recommended step to obtaining a patent is a patentability search, sometimes called a novelty or a prior art search. We can help you explore the patentability of your idea. 

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Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is not one size fits all. We can help you determine the type of patent needed to reach your goals.

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Patent Prosecution

Part of patent prosecution is receiving an office action communication from the patent office. We can help you prepare an action plan.

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International Patent Services

When filing for a US patent application, you may want to pursue patents in other countries. We can help you understand the critical timelines and the procedures of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

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Defensive Patent Litigation

Don't let some bully scare you with a patent or a cease and desist letter. We can help you gauge whether or not you have a problem.

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If you have already started using your product name or brand, you probably already have trademark rights. We can help you understand what those rights are and help you expand those rights.

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Trade Secret

Anything that gives you a competitive advantage and is not widely known can be protected by trade secret law. We can help you know how this works and what to do.

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Copyrights protect your artistic creations. We can help you understand the process.

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Cease and Desist Letters and Inter Partes Review (IPR)

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